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The Sonic Nightmares Story

SantaClausConquers_webSonic Nightmares started as a live radio show in 1995 on a listener supported radio station in Bern, Switzerland called, ‘Radio Rabe’. The show ran for 4 years and became infamous for prank phone calls, high energy Punk and Garage Rock and Roll and spontaneous skits. Everything was against us in those days. The Techno sound here in Europe was at its peak and the music we were playing was considered very un-cool and just plain weird which was just fine and dandy for us.
The show was hosted by El Tiki (now @, Robert Butler (Bob on the Knobs, now @, Lightning Beat-Man (Now Reverend), and Gringo Starr (aka Chris Rosales). In over 3 ½ years of shows, all four of us were present in the studio and very rarely missed a show. Once a month the Nightmares crew also broadcasted an all night show (12:00-06:00) called, Sonic Insomnia.
The shows were simultaneously presented in English and Swiss German dialect which added to the mayhem and confusion that the show normally caused. We were taken hostage one night when a group of four black-clothed and hooded musician/terrorists broke into the studio and demanded that we play their new demo on the air or they would trash the studio. We were almost kicked off the air for good when a prospective news presenter called in for a job and we put her on the air and quizzed her about Rock and Roll. During that time, Beat-Man, Robert and I were making the Lightning Beat-Man and the Never Heard of ‘Ems record and decided that instead of paying extra money to master the recordings we would play the D.A.T. live on the air and record the result which would hopefully turn out as a nicely compressed radio signal (it worked,kinda). Apartment Wrestling Rock and Roll features many Sonic Nightmares moments as well as the song, ‘Sonic Nightmares’ that was recorded live on one of our shows.
About Sonic Nightmares (By Brother Pantichrist)
UuraBHNlwYmZ-file1OriginalSonic Nightmares is a Rock & Roll DJ collective existing over 10 years in Bern, Switzerland. The team been delighting fans of obscure Rock & Roll music since their first collaboration in 1995. First appearing on the Swiss scene at their own Bad Taste Rock & Roll Revue, the Sonic Nightmares crew focused their sound on very independent releases from the 1940’s til today. Underground sounds from every decade make the Sonic Nightmares sound eclectic, unique and extremely danceable.
This fierce quartet of rockin’ manics came together in the mid 90’s on Radio Rabe in Bern to produce one of the wildest shows that station ever heard. Specializing in a combination of ‘Bern Deutsch and California English’, the listener was driven through hours of extremely rockin music from all eras, hilarious comedy sequences mixed with interviews of musicians and label owners, as well as their famous ‘prank’ phone calls and ticket giveaways. The Sonic Nightmares Radio Show was always a wild listening adventure, even if you didn’t like their brand of music. After five years of pushing sounds and jokes through the airwaves in the midst of an electronic music explosion in Switzerland the Sonic Nightmares Radio team gave up their show deciding to focus on playing their records in clubs all over the country.
Thanks to the internet and the another new wave of international Rock & Roll interest, the Sonic Nightmares Radio team began creating a new type of broadcast that fits their needs, Podcasting. With the ability nowadays to listen & download their radio-like shows, now the world can listen in on the madness once restricted to local Swiss audiences. The Sonic Nightmares team has joined forces with to host their podcasts and have compiled over 20 new shows in a ‘easy to listen’ archive. With a new show coming out every other Friday of each month, the Sonic Nightmares crew has brought a new exciting level to their show. Though focusing on their beloved music from the mid-60’s their show is often breaking down their own barriers and playing for the world a very unique collecting of modern and hard to find gems from all kinds of eras.
  1. Orgasm's substantial The Pornostuntman (aka Brother Pantichrist)
  2. Waistin' Time The Pornostuntman (aka Brother Pantichrist)
  3. Scumbag The Pornostuntman (aka Brother Pantichrist)
  4. Vertical Smile The Pornostuntman (aka Brother Pantichrist)
  5. Shakin' yo' ass The Pornostuntman (aka Brother Pantichrist)
  6. Don't Let me down The Pornostuntman (aka Brother Pantichrist)
  7. Frock Rock The Pornostuntman (aka Brother Pantichrist)
  8. Get Out! The Pornostuntman (aka Brother Pantichrist)