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March 9, 2012


Sonic Nightmares #58

by Gringo Starr

Hosts: Gringo Starr, Reverend Beat-Man, Brother Panti-Christ & El Tiki

Sonic Nightmares #58 by Sonicnightmares on Mixcloud

Is it a poetry reading? Is it a male percussion circle? We’ll let you decide!The Sonic Nightmares gang brings you episode #58 with enough Garage Punk to get your toes tapping plus a bit of spoken word, 80’s rap (?!), and of course the usual mindless banter that you’ve been accustomed to all these years! Just dig it!



The Hipshakes – Born To Lose
The Losin Streaks – Beg Steal or Borrow
Revelators – Just Fine
The Sexareenos – Take it Off
The Wildebeests – Why don’t you come home

X-Ray Spex – I Am A Poseur – Virgin
Thee Mighty Ceasars – Little By Little – Media Burn
The Del Gators – Wiggin’ Out – Voodoo Rhythm
Delaney Davidson – Another Man’s Eyes – Voodoo Rhythm
The Bonniwell Music Machine – I Loved You – WB

The Staple Singers – I Had A Dream – Mois Je Connais
Tuxedomoon – No Tears – Expanded
Doug E Fresh – La Di Da Di – Reality
Pigmeat Markham – Here Comes The Judge – Trikont
The Lounge Lizards – Introduction To Mata Hari – Self Released

The Astronauts – Buy Me A Round
Snaps – Polka Dotted Eyes
Rhythms – Everytime
Homer – 26 Dandelion Wine
Teddy & The Pandas – Smokey Fire

The Downliners Sect – One Ugly Child

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  1. rocket_flo
    May 26 2012

    after listening 20 podcasts from sonic nightmare, I was wondering something : Do you organize festivals or things like this ?

    I mean, it looks like you know every single garage punk band from europe and elsewhere, you are great DJs/Podcasters and we totally need things like this.

    so I’m pretty sure you know those dead bands :
    The Fingertips (
    and their italian friends Motorama (

    just wanted to share.

    and cheers from france for that great podcasting you’re doing

  2. Gringo Starr
    Jun 13 2012

    Hi there Rocket_flo! Thanks for the kind words. No, we don’t organize festivals. We are musicians, mostly. Beat-Man has a pretty famous record label called, “Voodoo Rhythm” and he tours with his one man band project and of course The Monsters. Panti-Christ and I have touring rock and roll bands (The Shit and The Jackets). We don’t really DJ around (at least not me). Keep in touch and thanks for digging Sonic Nightmares!

  3. Mick Trashman
    Feb 22 2013

    any chance of getting a download link for this one. salubrious stuff.
    by the way beatman, enjoyed the not so recent show in sydney with Delaney Davidson.

  4. Gringo Starr
    Feb 22 2013

    here you go: SONIC NIGHTMARES #58

  5. Mick Trashman
    Feb 23 2013

    hey cheers buddy, much appreciated.

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