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March 18, 2011

Sonic Nightmares #51

by El Tiki

Sonic Nightmares #51 by Sonicnightmares on Mixcloud

After nearly six months of utter silence Sonic Nightmares returns with a romping two hour show! Groove to Sixties Garage by The Wig, The Left Banke and The Lyrics! Shake off that siesta feeling with Spanish garage by Los Fumestones, Los Chicos and Wau y Los Arrrgs! Blow your mind with two blocks of records by the fabulous Slovenly Record label and prepared to be surprised as The Reverend Beat-Man digs into his dusty record cabinet! Did you miss us?

And here’s the PLAYLIST:

The Feeling Of Love – Dad Eat, Mom Die – Yakisakana
Lara And The Trailers – Run 4 Your Life – Romulan
The Mops – Yo Sa Bi Da – Planet X
Bill Glifton – Beatle Crazy – Decca
Diamanda Galas – Let My People Go – Mute

Los Explosivos – Ya No Puedes Escapar
Wau Y Los Arrrgs – It’s Great
Fumestones – Sin Rectifar
Los Chicos – We Sound Amazing But We Look Like Shit
Los Creyentes – Witchcraft Man

The Quests – Shadows In The Night
The Tasmanians – Baby
The Lyrics – So What!
The Hard Times – I Can’t Wait Till Friday Comes
The Lyrics – They Can’t Make Me

’68 Comeback – Whistle Bait – Sftri
Digger & The Pussycats – Sofia – Slovenly
The Reigning Sound – Your Love – Slovenly
The Spits – Pain – Slovenly
The Anomolys – Nat Approved – Slovenly

Magnetix – Nulle Autre Que Toi – Slovenly
The Wildebeests – One And One – Slovenly
The Rippers – You Can’t Leave Me All Night Alone – Slovenly
King Automatic – Closing Time – Slovenly

Zak And His Guitar – You Got To Move – Squodge
Hasil Adkins – Turn The Coat Tails Loose – Big Beat
Wade Curtiss – Puddy Cat – Norton
Mondo Ray – Everything Is A Lie – Squoodge

The Mile Ends – Bring’ Em On In
The Wig – Crackin’ Up
The Left Banke – Evening Gown
The Shays – Brainwashed
Circus Maximus – Heared Feathers

Los Twangmarvels – Somos Los Twang Marvels
Los Twangs – Ace Of Spades
Los Derrumbes – Not Tengo Tabla
Las Carcomas – Voodoo Rock
Hermits – Chicken Monster

Ulan Bator Trio (bed)

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  3. Scumbag The Pornostuntman (aka Brother Pantichrist)
  4. Vertical Smile The Pornostuntman (aka Brother Pantichrist)
  5. Shakin' yo' ass The Pornostuntman (aka Brother Pantichrist)
  6. Don't Let me down The Pornostuntman (aka Brother Pantichrist)
  7. Frock Rock The Pornostuntman (aka Brother Pantichrist)
  8. Get Out! The Pornostuntman (aka Brother Pantichrist)