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October 22, 2010


Sonic Nightmares #50

by El Tiki

Sonic Nightmares #50 by Sonicnightmares on Mixcloud

So where were you? Sonic Nightmares celebrated its 50th episode live on Real Punk Radio on Wednesday October 20th 2010!

Now you can pretend you were there while listening to this incredible time capsule. Two hours of punk rock, garage, trash, mindless commentary and some impromptu live ditties by the Reverend Beat-Man! Cheers!


The Magnetix – Time After Time
Wau Y Los Aaarghs – Piedras
Stomachmouths – Teenage Caveman
Ulan Bator Trio –

Barbacans – I Know You – Go Down
La Di Das – Little Girl – EMI
Sexton Ming – Triffids – Creep Records
The Dry Heaves – Fuck Everything – Nitro

Flyboys – Theme Song – Frontier
Angry Samoans – You Stupid Asshole – Bad Trip
TSOL – Abolish Government/ Silent Majority – Posh Boy
Middle Class – Situations – Joke Records

Los Hitters – Delicuente
Los Monjes – Pobre Niña –
Derrell Felts – Too Much Lovin Goin On
Danny Reeves – I’m A Hobo

The Golden Dawn – Starvation – IA
Johnny Thompson Quintet – Color Me Columbus
The Stooges – Not Right
Baby Woodrose – Never Coming Back

The Pornostuntman – Get the Fuck OUT – Unreleased
Ty Segall – Girlfriend – Goner
DMZ – Mighty Idy – Sire
The Gories – Early In The Morning – Crypt

Les Problèmes – Je Ne Vois Rien
Nino Ferrer – Alexandre

Black Flag – Jealous Again –
The F.U’s – Preskool Dropout –
Jerry’s Kids – Straight Jacket
Gang Green – Snob –

Termites – Can’t Find My Mind – Jungle Noise
The Urban Voodoo Machine – Two Ships – Gypsy Hotel Records
The Monsters – Out Of My Life – GI Records
The Spider Babies – I Just Like To Get High – GI Records

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  1. michael (dirty white boy) mcconnell
    Jul 22 2012

    can u spare some musical cutter my brother.yesterday listening to one of the ears became enlightlened by some dirty nasty soul sounding garage crunch.with the main topics being dirty,sexual content.anyone point me into the right direction as to guiding my ears back to where i was yesterday
    many thanks,and stay perverted

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  1. Orgasm's substantial The Pornostuntman (aka Brother Pantichrist)
  2. Waistin' Time The Pornostuntman (aka Brother Pantichrist)
  3. Scumbag The Pornostuntman (aka Brother Pantichrist)
  4. Vertical Smile The Pornostuntman (aka Brother Pantichrist)
  5. Shakin' yo' ass The Pornostuntman (aka Brother Pantichrist)
  6. Don't Let me down The Pornostuntman (aka Brother Pantichrist)
  7. Frock Rock The Pornostuntman (aka Brother Pantichrist)
  8. Get Out! The Pornostuntman (aka Brother Pantichrist)