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June 29, 2010



by Gringo Starr

SONIC NIGHTMARES Nr. 43 by Sonicnightmares on Mixcloud

83 minutes of mayhem, good conversation and pre-adolescent snickers featuring a 2010 European Garage Festival set by Gringo sprinkled with mind-numbing tracks by The Magnetix, The Wildebeests, The Rippers, and The Gravedigger V! Panti-Christ spins timeless classics by The Miracle Workers, The Music Machine along with some rippin’ punkers by The Necessary Evils, Bob Log III and The Morlocks while The Reverend-Beatman spins rare tracks by The Deviants, Das Golden Gate Quartet and Tony Strange and constantly using the phrase 7”! We want to have you!!

Magnetix – Mort Clinique – Born Bad Records
The Rippers – Just A Creepy Man – Screaming Apple
The Urges – Urges Theme – Wicked Cool Records
The Staggers – I Will Never Be Free – Soundflat

The Sonics – Dirty Robber – Norton –
Gravedigger V – Don’t Tread On Me – Voxx
Wildebeests – Lucinda – Screaming Apple
Las Aspiradores – Ni Rasto De Polvo – Hey Girl

The Clique – We Didn’t Kiss Didn’t Love But Now We Do – Pye
The Music Machine – Affirmative No – Warner
The Grateful Dead – The Golden Road (To Unlimited Devotion) – Warner
The Miracle Workers – When Are You Gonna Care – Lsd Records

The Morlocks – Judgment Day – Midnight
DMZ – You’re Gonna Miss Me – Voxx
The Necessary Evils – Lost My Baby – In The Red
Doctor Explosion – Inùtil – Subterfuge
Bob Log III – Pig Tail Swing – Fat Possum

The Deviants – You’ve Got To Hold On – Stable Records
Other Half – I Know – Eva
The Rocking Stars – Flame Of Love – V/A Pre Kraut Pandemonium
The Outcast S – I’m In Pittsburg – Pebbles 1

Gents Inc. – Gettin’ The Blues – V/A Pre Kraut Pandemonium
Les Lutins – Laissez Nous Vivre – Pebbles 13
Das Golden Gate Quartet – I Want To Know – MMS
Tony Strange – Nervous And Shaking All Over – Super Rock’n’Roll Part A

The Jaybirds – You Don’t Have To Tell Me – Ilsa

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  1. Jun 29 2010

    yes we have background music while we are talking 🙂

  2. Jul 1 2010

    DOWNLOAD .. thing dosnt work

  3. El Tiki
    Jul 1 2010

    download works:
    right-click the DOWNLOAD-Link
    & then choose “save as”
    … and save the MP3 to wherever you want to …

    but true: it will not just download if ya click it … that’s still “old school”-internet technique here, Beatman, hahaha

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