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May 28, 2010

Sonic Nightmares Nr.36

by El Tiki

Sonic Nightmares Nr.36 by Sonicnightmares on Mixcloud

So, what exactly are you in the mood for? If it’s ’80s garage/psyche we have a great selection of tunes in that genre for you including a rare gem by The Laughing Soup Dish as well as some quite fuzzy tracks by The Stomachmouths and The Primates. We’ll even throw in some Angry Samoans and a bit of Minor Threat when you’re not looking just to mix things up a bit. If you are not completely satisfied we might possibly dig up some some Screamin’ Jay Hawkins or just start spinning some old ‘show tunes’ record from Beat-Man’s dusty record cabinet. The trick is to just keep listening ’cause we’re sure that there is something for everyone to enjoy from this episode. Just relax and stop being so fussy!


Wild Billy Childish And The Musicians Of The British Empire – Father Christmas Is Dressed In Green – Damaged Goods
The Kinks – Father Christmas – Come Dancing With The Kinks
The Uniques – You Aint Tuff – Mindrocker
The Stains – Now And Then – Teenage Shutdown
The Go Gos – Dalek Christmas –
Sparrow – Green Bottle Lover – Mindrocker
Sattori – Time Machine – Mindrocker
Bad Boys – Love – Mindrocker
The Lost Agency – One Girl Man – Mindrocker

Dirty Old Man (At The Age Of Sixteen) – Them – Moxie
Fire Engine – 13th Floor Elevators – Texas Archive
The A-Cads – Down The Road A Piece –
I’d Rather Be An Old Woman’s Baby Then Be A Young Woman’s Slave – Doctor Ross –
Enough Of What I Need – The Children – AIP
Charles Manson – Garbage Dump –
Joe Hicks – Don’t It Make You Feel Funky –

68 Comeback – He’s My Everything – Get Hip
Billy Childish – I Wasn’t Made For This World – Ay Carramba Rekkids
Roy And The Devils Motorcycle – Trying To Get To You – Voodoo Rhythm
The Country Teasers – Only My Savior – Crypt
Screamin’ Mee Mees – Green Cigars From Mars – Bag Of Hammers

Dora Bryan – All I Want For Christmas Is A Beatle – 1963

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  1. Orgasm's substantial The Pornostuntman (aka Brother Pantichrist)
  2. Waistin' Time The Pornostuntman (aka Brother Pantichrist)
  3. Scumbag The Pornostuntman (aka Brother Pantichrist)
  4. Vertical Smile The Pornostuntman (aka Brother Pantichrist)
  5. Shakin' yo' ass The Pornostuntman (aka Brother Pantichrist)
  6. Don't Let me down The Pornostuntman (aka Brother Pantichrist)
  7. Frock Rock The Pornostuntman (aka Brother Pantichrist)
  8. Get Out! The Pornostuntman (aka Brother Pantichrist)